Wine Slushie Guy Frozen Wine Slush Mix!  Just mix with any kind of wine and water. Mix it up and stick it in the freezer for a delicious, refreshing slushie drink. It's the new way to drink wine - a wine slushie for grown ups!

All you do is mix the wine slush mix with any kind of wine and water. Then freeze it and serve.
Or you may use our wine slush mix with a blender for faster results and a smoother product. Either way, you're going to love our wine slush mix with parties, evening sunsets, summer picnics, or just plain relaxing.
Wine Slushie Guy mix is as sophisticated as you want it to be or as casual as can be. The wine slush mix adopts the profile of your favorite kind of wine. White, Red or whatever your pleasure - it's just more refreshing when it's frozen.

Wine Slushie Guy